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This is a side project I work on on my spare time.

I designed the artwork, built the site, wrote the smart contracts, all while learning in the process. There are no deadlines, just me learning and playing with interesting tech.

I call these little "one line ASCII art ships", "onchain toys": I want them to be fun both for me and for you.

So, if you join, do it without any expectation of a roadmap or profit —or you may be dissapointed, and that's not fun, is it?


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  • Fully onchain artwork: Your ship's artwork is sotred on the blockchain.
  • Parts and blueprints: The ASCII characters that make your ship, and how they may evolve in the future.
  • Flags: Keeping track of special traits.
  • Captaincy: Onchain tracking of the days a ship has stayed in the same wallet.